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Our Pro-Mix coarse feed range are specially designed to be highly palatable and digestible ideal for young, pedigree and show livestock. With high levels of extremely palatable materials such as flaked peas, maize and beans and cooked flaked barley these diets promote intakes in order to maximise daily liveweight gains.

Thompsons Coarse Mixtures
Pro-Mix Calf and Cattle Coarse Mix

Pro-Mix Calf & Cattle Coarse Mixes

We have a range of extremely palatable course mixes from the Calf Starter coarse mix range which are designed to promote quick rumen development and encourage muscle and frame development to Grower and Finisher products which are designed to encourage intakes and add condition and sheen.  

Alfalfa can be added to the Calf Stater diets to add scratch factor to accelerate the development of the rumen villi which prepares the rumen for maximum intakes later in life.

Available in bags or bulk
Show Animal Coarse Mix

Pro-Mix Show Bull

Our specialist ultra-safe, high specification bull diet is designed for showing cattle requiring muscle density.

Specially formulated to contain:

  • Alfalfa to maintain rumen health by adding scratch factor to buffer the rumen and reduce acidosis.

  • Lintec high in Omega 3 fatty acids to help to enhance energy efficiency by reducing both the level of saturated fatty acids and the energy wasted in the rumen as methane.

  • Levucell to optimise rumen digestion and function.

Available in bags or bulk
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