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Our Layers Feeds are trusted by farmers for their great value and sound nutrition.


The range consists of high performance compound feeds designed for maximum feed efficiency for rearing and laying hens throughout their lifetime. However, we know that every farming system is different so we have the flexibility to manufacture bespoke diets to match individual requirements.


All of our diets are manufactured to precise specifications tailored to specific needs and farming systems. Our expert knowledge paired with our premium quality raw materials enable you to manage your birds for profitable egg production.

Thompsons Layer Feeds Chicken
Thompsons Pullet Rearing Feed Diets

Pullet Rearing Diets

Our premium Pullet Rearing Diets are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of replacement laying birds in order to lay the foundations for profitable egg production

Premium Layer Feed Diets

Premium Layer Diets

Our Premium Layer Diets are designed to maximise egg production and hen longevity.

We understand that the requirement of laying hen is ever changing throughout their period of lay. Our feed programme allows the birds to perform most efficiently throughout each stage of their productive life.

Split Feeding

We can manufacture and supply a range of diets designed for Split Feeding, a revolutionary feeding system that expertly matches nutrient requirement to maximise productivity and save money on farm.

Thompsons Split Feeding Programs

What else can we offer?

We are proud to offer our farmers a comprehensive service to provide practical solutions tailored to their business so the best possible results can be achieved from a flock.

Why not contact us for further information on our Layer Feeds?

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