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Our feeds are designed to make farming easier by providing all the essential nutrients to help achieve optimum health and top performance of your animals and profitability of your farming enterprise.


Our diets have been developed using only the best raw materials to deliver maximum feed efficiency.
Our quality control procedures are extremely stringent. Feeds and raw materials are tested daily using our in-house quality control facility.

All our diets are formulated to a stringent set of fixed constraints, ensuring maximum consistency and premium quality.


We work closely with farmers and farm businesses, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive service to provide practical solutions tailored to their business so the best possible results can be achieved from your livestock. 

Our Feed Sales Specialists build a good rapport with farmers by immersing themselves into each farm enterprise by offering a wide array of assistance and advice to optimise profitability for your business.  

Wind Turbines


We offer flexibility in the purchase of raw materials.

  • Option of purchasing some or all of the feed ingredients required at a time and a price that is deemed to be beneficial.

  • Option of reciprocal trading with farm assured arable enterprises.

  • Option of a strike price to allow the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified amount during the contract period.

  • Option of buying through a group supply pool purchasing scheme.

  • We can help offset risk by offering reduced averages when volumes increase.


Our prompt, clear and accurate pricing helps to make informed buying decisions.

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